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What We Believe

We believe that men cannot save themselves. We are totally dependent on God through Christ for redemption from our sins and the promise of Heaven. We believe there is no room for Christian celebrity or popularity; our focus must always be directed toward Christ, not any man. We believe that while many Biblical concepts are open to varied interpretations, the Bible is God's Word to and for man, and that the Gospel it presents is true and unchanging. We believe that we should show Christ's love to all people without judgment or condemnation and without regard for any human frailties or strengths, successes or failures, and vices or virtues. We believe we should avoid any teaching that elevates one group of believers over another or makes one group less important than another. Following the example of Christ, we will make a specific effort to embrace and meet the needs of the poor, the homeless, and the rejected of our community.


Our Faith

We believe we are called to live by faith, to be recognized by love displayed to others and through the words of hope and inspiration that we share to those we encounter. It is our desire to be relevant to today's society through both worship and service opportunities.


Our Vision

The essence of the church is that it is a community of people empowered by God on a mission striving to establish His reign on earth. We must not be confused with local businesses in our area whose goal is to meet the needs of individual consumers. We do not exist to market a product or provide a service amidst a free market. Instead, our efforts focus on engaging the culture in which we live and transforming it by lives incarnating the person of Jesus Christ.



In 1996, in a backyard with 5 people a Bible study was started by Mark Hewitt and Love and Care Ministries. Those 5 people were eager to learn about Jesus Christ. After 6 months of faithfully attending and faithfully inviting people to come, this little Bible study grew to 30 people.

In 1997 with the assistance of Pioneer Drive Baptist Church, a church was formed called The Mission. Mark Hewitt pastored the church until he stepped down as pastor to focus solely on being the executive director of Love & Care Ministries in April of 2004. Chad Mitchell, who had been associate pastor at Love & Care Ministries, became our lead pastor. The Mission continued to grow and grow. In fact, the church grew so much that the sanctuary was filled to capacity. As a result of God's blessing, The Mission acquired a new building which was generously given by the Shelton Foundation in November of 2004. The new building allowed the church to add even more classes, ministries, and outreaches as people began to step up in leadership and service.

As the church began to thrive and flourish God began to lead us to toward independence, and a sure commitment to the vision God had given the church leadership. On January 1, 2007, "The Mission" officially became "Mission Abilene," an independent, self-supporting church, completely separate from Love & Care Ministries, and solely dependent on the tithes and offerings of its members and contributors.

Today, Mission Abilene still resides at 3001 N. 3rd Street (corner of Nth 3rd & Mockingbird Streets) in Abilene, Texas. Our growth has been consistent over the years as Christ prompts even the newer members to reach out to others. We have increased our ministry outreach with SUDS, NightLight, men's and women's ministries, and more, partnered with others groups in our community, hosted events and reached out to serve the city of Abilene and surrounding area in numerous ways, including Stop the Violence, Before I Die, our "Something Beautiful" women’s retreat and the "Brave & Beautiful" teen girls’ events, the Mary Bowdon Community Garden (partnered with Hugaroot and Open-Handed Community Ministy), the Recovery Masters golf tournament (partnered with other recovery agencies and businesses), annual Back-to-School Bashes, our annual holiday dinner "King's Table, our Christmas program for children, "King's Kids," and other benevolent community benefits and events. Several faith-based non-profit organizations were birthed from their ministry at Mission Abilene and became self-supportive, including Hugaroot Family Farm, Open-Handed Community Ministries, and Stop the Violence. The movement of God’s spirit in this place is incredible. More and more people are reaching out on their own throughout the week in unique ways to live out the Word that is spoken on Sunday in their everyday lives and work.

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Billy Bardin

Preaching Pastor

Praiseland Team

Children's Ministry

Sheri Bennett

Administrative/Women's Pastor

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Mission: Possible
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Board of Elders

Church Leadership

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