Oct 13, 2012 Taylor County Coliseum

Local & national TV stations & newspapers broadcast story after violent story every day and we become so accustomed to it that we remain unfazed until violence personally invades our own lives. Too many innocent people are injured and killed amid violence and gang warfare--battles that are NOT their own. Domestic violence, child abuse & molestation, murder, assaults, rape...We may be unaware or indifferent to victims on the news but they may actually be our next door neighbors, the lady who sits quietly in the same pew at church, the young man who throws the newspaper, or that child who played with yours at the playground. Too often, we see it and we know it happens but we "don't want to get involved." 
Chad Mitchell, pastor of Mission Abilene grew restless when several of his own church members were counted among the statistics--victims of violent crimes. After Albert Cadena's murder in 2008, he shared his heart with Abilene Police Officer Jeff Hartmankok. Both men realized they could no longer be silent. Something had to change. 
In August 2008, Chad & Jeff, with the support of Mission Abilene, founded the STOP THE VIOLENCE MOVEMENT. The first city-wide rally took place at Nelson Park and people began to see their ability and responsibility to make a difference--to BE the difference. Today STOP THE VIOLENCE is more than just an event--it's a movement for permanent change. Change is not the sole responsibility of law enforcement or the judicial system. Change begins in our homes, our neighborhoods, and our cities. We invite every citizen to join THE STOP THE VIOLENCE MOVEMENT--to take a united stand against violence...To raise our voice and make some noise...To silence the deafening silence of those victims who can't speak for themselves. Change begins when ONE makes the choice to take a stand and speak out. Will you be that one?

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